Happy Birthday Jos!

Jos dressed up as a sexy anti-choice protestor for Halloween last year. And they say feminists aren’t funneh…

Well, it looks like we have two Feministers born this week and today is our gal Jos’s day! I recently wrote about how amazing Jos is when we announced her promotion to editor at Feministing–but I can’t really say enough about how awesome, supportive and lovely Jos is. I just spent the last two weeks hanging out with Jos in the Bay Area (her new home) and even though she can’t drive or use a GPS (we took a road trip together. we are alive. that is all.)–she is one of the most real, supportive and caring people ever. We would not be the same without her brilliance, dedication and passion on board.

So please join me in wishing Jos a happy birthday–another young feminist woman making fierce, thoughtful and important change.

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