Do-Good of the Day: Support RH Reality Check!

RH Reality CheckAs many of you may know, RH Reality Check has been a driving force in online reporting of reproductive health and justice issues for some years now. And as recent discussions have arisen about the sustainability of online feminism, the announcement of their first online fundraiser hits close to home for us at Feministing — not only because we’re one of the struggling entities that essentially acts as an online organization (though not non-profit like RHRC), but because the folks at RH Reality Check are like family in this online feminist sphere we got goin’ and deserve all the support in the world:

Why support RHRC?  We believe we are an important resource for fact-based news, reporting and analysis in a world filled with misinformation and persistent attacks on women’s health and rights here and abroad.  A reality check.  A sanity check.

Our work has helped increase attention to a wide range of sexual and reproductive justice issues, from so-called Personhood campaigns to shackling of pregnant women to the real implications of right-wing legislation on the health and rights of women and girls.  We’ve covered clinic violence, the growth of Crisis Pregnancy Centers, the effects of budget cuts on low-income women and communities of color, and the effects of the Global Gag Rule on women abroad.   We’ve reported on the positions of candidates, efforts to defund Planned Parenthood, and the implications of the global AIDS crisis.  And much more.

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