Flavorwire Profiles Female DJs in Response to DJ Mag’s All-Guy Top 100 List

Video: Ellen Allien, one of the DJs profiled by Flavorwire, plays a DJ-Set at FUSE, Brussels (12/08)

Unicorns, dragons, and lady DJs. Such is the list of things that DJ Magazine would have you believe belong to the same category of mythical creatures, according to its annual reader-voted Top 100 DJ list.

Out of 100 profiled DJs, can you guess how many were women?

If you thought you’d make a conservative estimate of 10%, I’m sorry but that’s not correct.

Lowball it at 5%? ‘Fraid not.

Are you laughing nervously when you eek out a 1% guess? You’ll have to guess again.

The answer, my music-enjoying friends, some of whom are perhaps – gasp – themselves female, is zero.

As in, not any.

The oversight was brought to my attention by Judy Berman of Permanent Wave.

And since I’m hardly cool enough to have a comprehensive take on the current DJ scene, we’re lucky that our friends over at Flavorwire are! You should check out their response piece highlighting some awesome female DJs that you may already know, or may want to get to know!

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