Serious media fail on transgender youth

God, I fucking hate the media:

This is the rhetoric that dominates the news around trans issues, like 11-year old Tammy Lobel whose parents allowed her to take hormone blockers. This is why we live in a transphobic and cisnormative society.

That is all.

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  • nazza

    The framing is that these parents should know better than to allow their immature children to make these sorts of decisions. I guess it’s different for me. I knew I was gender non-conforming early in life, but at that age, I had no clue what to call. Nor did I think it was anything other than just something weird and shameful.

    It took me until my early twenties to even know that it was relatively commonplace. I’d like to read a really well-written, well-researched piece about this subject before I can make any kind of reasonable response.

    • Aine Hawthorn

      Yeah, I saw that article and made the mistake of reading some of the comments. The article by itself was bad enough, but I wanted to scream at the commenters; the parents *do* know better than to have a young child make life-altering decisions, that’s what hormone blockers are for! They allow children to postpone puberty until they are certain, and prevent the permanent, life, changing effects of hormones (endogenous or exogenous) from co-opting that choice.

      • Dee

        The comments ranged from vile to completely lacking credibility regarding what the parents and the child are undertaking. I agree wholeheartedly! I just realized that the headline about the child “picking a gender” was completely loaded and provided a convenient setup for an overwhelming amount of uninformed and negative comments. The headline should have stated that the child was “under medical care for gender dysphoria”. Stating that the child was “picking” her gender reduced it to pure sensationalism void of medical credibility….on the level of picking a pair of undies.

        As usual, most of the persons commenting cherry picked what words they wanted to see—by ignoring the modifier to hormones: “blockers”. As a female w/trans history, I constantly resist the overwhelming temptation to think back knowing that I could have gone through puberty and exited as just another female. Oh the despair and hardship to self and others that would have been spared. I must work at remaining focused forward…and be grateful of at least the opportunity to transition all the while feeling joy knowing that the internet has revealed the roadmap to a pre-pubescent transition.

  • sarah

    It doesn’t help that this child is receiving so much media attention over her gender. It, for one, is probably adding more stress and frustration. I guess, in a way, it’s bringing up the issue of gender identity and how society attempts to prevent people from questioning it. It’s sad, really, that Dr. Ablow called for a psychological evaluation for the parents and children. It reinforces the fact that there is something ‘wrong’ with them and that it needs to be corrected, which is just so frustrating. I really hope that she won’t be too damaged by the media attention that she’s receiving at such a young age.

  • Dee

    I am going to love feministing! Why? Because I am one who calls those who angrily say “_uck you” to others since it is hostility however saying “I hate the fucking media” is different because without the expletive it simply would appear watered down. I predict that if Sly-as-a-Fox “newz to confuze” doesn’t put its peter back in its pocket and get off the bed with Dr A-blow-hard, the “occupy” people might decide to start occupying those places that spread “newz to confuze”!

    I mean seriously, this is 2011…LGB can join the military and yet we have LGB + T activists as myself being threatened with (federal) prosecution + censorship for standing for Tammy and her parents!! I wrote some stinging rebukes against quack…I mean Dr. A-blow-hard for attacking Chaz, comparing him to narcotic addicts and bestial-human hybrid creatures here: I have noticed a trend: the more equality trans persons achieve, the harder Mr. A-blow blows against us.

  • Lisa

    Unsurprisingly, those three are all News Corp. publications.

  • Dee

    u mean newz crap right?