Watch the House of Representatives insult us live

The House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on the so-called “Protect Life Act” at 11:30 – right now! Yes, this is another vote to stop abortion insurance coverage. I don’t know about you, but it’s pretty clear to me this is what people are really demanding at all the Occupy Wall Street protests popping up all over the country – more abortion restrictions. Good job Congress, way to keep doing the important work.

You can watch the vote live on CSPAN if you’re in the mood to get pissed off. I imagine the feminist Twitters will be full of snark today.

Boston, MA

Jos Truitt is Executive Director of Development at Feministing. She joined the team in July 2009, became an Editor in August 2011, and Executive Director in September 2013. She writes about a range of topics including transgender issues, abortion access, and media representation. Jos first got involved with organizing when she led a walk out against the Iraq war at her high school, the Boston Arts Academy. She was introduced to the reproductive justice movement while at Hampshire College, where she organized the Civil Liberties and Public Policy Program’s annual reproductive justice conference. She has worked on the National Abortion Federation’s hotline, was a Field Organizer at Choice USA, and has volunteered as a Pro-Choice Clinic Escort. Jos has written for publications including The Guardian, Bilerico, RH Reality Check, Metro Weekly, and the Columbia Journalism Review. She has spoken and trained at numerous national conferences and college campuses about trans issues, reproductive justice, blogging, feminism, and grassroots organizing. Jos completed her MFA in Printmaking at the San Francisco Art Institute in Spring 2013. In her "spare time" she likes to bake and work on projects about mermaids.

Jos Truitt is an Executive Director of Feministing in charge of Development.

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  • Andrew

    Meanwhile, the House has yet to do anything like a Protect JOBS Act or Protect the Middle Class Act. We need to get active and vote out the Tea Party in 2012!

  • nicole mercier

    I wish americans could opt out of funding wars to which they are fundamentally opposed as easily as americans opt out of providing safe access to abortion. Seriously.

  • nicole mercier

    I am still watching this and am so grossed out by war-mongerers who claim they seek to protect all life under God and State. I might be less grossed out if they were all opposed to war and capital punishment too but those are their favorite priveledges. AHHHH!