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Note: This video is from last year, but the message still remains just as relevant.

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October 12th is Columbus Day. A day that our government has deemed worthy of remembrance. And with all due respect — with all due respect — with all due respect — there’s an ugly truth that has been overlooked for way too long. Columbus committed heinous crimes against the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean and millions of natives throughout the Americas, and Columbus set the stage for the slave trade in the New World. So please — please reconsider — if this is a man you want to honor. Reconsider if you want to celebrate the crimes of Columbus? It’s not your fault, it happened a long time ago, but remaining neutral and pretending like it didn’t happen or that it doesn’t still impact us today. So please take the day to learn the whole story. Celebrate the people who were here first. Petition for a nationally recognized indigenous holiday. So please reconsider how you plan to spend October 12th.  Reconsider the story of Columbus.

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