Quick Hit: On teets, tots and spats

Our own Jessica Valenti has a must-read about how shaming women who can’t or don’t want to breastfeed — and choose to use formula — is really fucking problematic (something she’s experienced recently):

I support breastfeeding women – long before I had my daughter I was blogging about the heinous lack of resources for breastfeeding mothers and the various ways they are discriminated against. I think we need mandated paid maternity leave, insurance that pays for lactation consultants and breast pumps, employers who are required to have a space and breaks for pumping moms, hospital- and state-funded breastfeeding support groups and more. But I also believe that formula feeding your child is just as valid and healthy a choice as breastfeeding – it’s not something women should have to justify or be denied resources for or access to. If that makes me less of a feminist or a mother to some people, well – they can just suck my left one.

PREACH. Also read her follow-up post on feminist anger and solidarity.

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