What We Missed

Anna Holmes on why there is a crisis for girls in science.

Feeling inspired by the murder of Troy Davis to work against the death penalty? Sign this petition to abolish capital punishment in Pennsylvania. Also, if you want to support organizing in the South, consider donating to Project South. We need major interventions to stop the school to prison pipeline for people of color, and we need major organizing to do it.

Melissa Harris-Perry on why white liberals are abandoning Obama.

Monica Potts at The American Prospect asks: How can a woman be an avatar for an evangelical movement that argues that women must obey men?

Melissa Gira Grant questions the rhetoric of the anti-sex work movement.

I’m speaking at a NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon gala next weekend in Portland about my work as an abortion doula. If you’re in the area, check it out.

Update: Today also marks Celebrate Bisexuality Day/Bi Invisibility Day.

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