Time To Fight The Backlash

I found this video yesterday, and once you see it, you will understand, I hope, why I was so angry that these misogynistic attitudes are not only still tolerated, but are now, it seems, considered perfectly acceptable in our society.  I am so pissed off and depressed to see all the years of hard work feminists have put in have somehow been negated and we are now more of a misogynistic nation (USA) than we were a decade or two ago, when we seemed to finally be making so much headway in gaining respect for women.  This is a backlash in full force, and IMO, brought on when women dared to run for president.  Obviously some folks thought it was time to put us in our place, show us that we were nothing but dirty jokes.  The real shock for me came when I ran this on the news stream on Facebook, and not one person responded to it.  Is this acceptable now?  Have we really slipped so far back in our quest to become recognized as full human beings?  Well, watch the video, and you tell me what you think about it. 

As an older feminist, I am really interested in what younger feminists think of this.  Thanks in advance for your input.

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