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I’m posting this as sort of a little shameless self-promotion.   I am in the process of revamping my website, and I wanted to invite as many feminists as possible to view it.  Last year, I held a state beauty pageant title and I was one of the first pageant queens to promote a platform on reproductive choice.  And I was THE FIRST pageant queen to ever publicly talk about having had an abortion.

Although I do not currently hold any titles, I still maintain my website in order to promote my favorite charity organizations and charity projects that I am currently working on as well as educate the public on issues such as reproductive choice, abortion stigma, sexual assault, bullying, and poverty.  The name and layout of my website was inspired by my idol, the late Princess Diana of Wales.  I cover a wide range of feminist topics on my website, and I will be delving further into them in the near future.  It has been an honor to be the first pageant queen to ever take on the issue of abortion, birth control, and reproductive freedom…however, it hasn’t been without some drama.

No one can publicly take on the subject of abortion from a pro-choice stance without some nasty backlash from anti-choicers.  (As you’ll read, some of them can get pretty over-the-top with their attacks!)  When people visit my website and contact me to show me their support for my work, it keeps me reminded that the work I do IS appreciated, worthy, and important.  With that, I invite all of you to visit my website and share it with your feminist friends…and perhaps even your non-feminist friends.  You never know, they might gain some enlightenment and learn a thing or two about reproductive rights from reading my words!

Right now, my website thoroughly covers the topic of abortion stigma and reproductive rights, but I will be adding much more information about bullying and sexual assault (particularly “Rape Culture”) in the very near future.  This is the work I do, I am proud to do it, and I will passionately continue to do so no matter what anyone thinks of it.  Thank you for your support!!

“Silence breeds stigma!”

Disclaimer: This post was written by a Feministing Community user and does not necessarily reflect the views of any Feministing columnist, editor, or executive director.

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