Quick Hit: Chloe on what we can learn from romantic comedies

Chloe was featured on NPR yesterday, talking about what we have to learn from romantic comedies. She should know, she watched every single one that was released this summer.

Listen to the interview here.

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  • http://feministing.com/members/kerberus/ Brent

    I thought, “Crazy, Stupid Love” was a great movie. The part where Ryan G. & Emma S. have a long chat was very moving; the guy finds a friend to get to know and fall in love with — I thought that was convincing. I don’t think movies should be moral parables that we look to for making the perfect society; one cannot condone his womanizing in the movie but it made for a good backdrop to the “finding the right girl” scene and for inclusion in the rest of the movie. I don’t think movie symbols should be taken too seriously, or else they will all be banished from the Republic, as Plato would have done with the poets for misrepresenting the Gods.