Embodiment: A portrait of queer life in America

A queer couple in a car together on a dark evening, parked near water

Photo via Embodiment

I was excited to stumble upon this project:

Embodiment: A Portrait of Queer Life In America is a collection of 18 short films and 80 photographic portraits that represent and archive the varied lives of Queer America today. Photographs and videos will be released episodically online, accompanied by personal statements, throughout the next year.

Embodiment seeks to connect individuals from urban and rural areas and highlight a national experience in its many diverse, overlapping and, at times, conflicting parts.  Beginning in 2004 as a solo photography project ,Embodiment evolved into a multi-media collaboration in 2009 when photographer Molly Landreth teamed up with videographer Amelia Tovey and set out on a cross-country road trip in search of individuals who would speak for themselves about what it means to be queer right now.

Rock on. In particular I was excited to find this project because of a recent book, with a similar purpose, called Gay in America. I talked to GOOD Lifestyle Editor Amanda Hess about the book recently, and what was wrong with it. Namely, that it only included gay men.

Embodiment is striving to provide a more diverse portrayal of the community–across gender lines. That’s a project I’m much more interested in. The photos are beautiful as well.

Check out their website for photos and a trailer of the film they are working on.

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