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Jay-Z’s undercover feminism

TweetLet me confess: I talk hella shit about Jay-Z. Not because I don’t respect his long career and enjoy his music (I genuinely do) but because it seems everyone, especially in New York, is a Jiggaman “Stan” and sometimes I like to be contrary. Folks love his swagger arrogance and egoism, and even though it [...]
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Jane Haubrich, intrepid and adorable 5-year-old weathercaster

TweetThere’s a lot of grim hurricane news out there today, so please take a moment to take a break from the crappy coverage, and watch Jane Haubrich, whose coverage is decidedly not crappy: We already have a resident vlogger, but if we didn’t, I would totally ask Jane to join the Feministing crew. h/t Andy. [...]
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Men’s sheds: because blokes have feelings, too

TweetI’m home in Sydney for a few weeks, visiting family and enjoying the crisp early spring after a long, sweaty New York summer. Last week I opened our local paper to find an article about a plan to build and open a men’s shed in my suburb. What is a men’s shed? you’re probably asking [...]
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“You’re a fucking slut,” and other things you should not say to a stranger on the subway

TweetA few weeks ago, I was on my way back from a long, hard run through Manhattan. I had had a really shitty day, and while the run had been hard, I was hoping that it would send some welcome endorphins pumping through my body. I stood on the subway, sweaty but pleased with myself, [...]
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What We Missed

TweetScreenwriter Aline Brosh McKenna says the new ultimate romance for women is not “the guy,” but “the job.” Rev. Bonnie McDougall Olson teaches psychiatric patients how to write their own stories, and in so doing, see them as sacred. A very interesting reflection on class and pride by Hugo Schwyzer. Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins on the Urban [...]
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