Progressive Women’s Voices: The Takeaway

Last week, I had the privilege of being one of fifteen women selected for the second class of 2011 of Progressive Women’s Voices. PWV is a media training program run by Women’s Media Center. Now in its third year, PWV has trained Feministing’s own Jessica, Samhita, and Courtney.

I met so many outstanding women this week I feel giddy. I know it’s almost corny to say but women rock! The training was intense and inspirational but my one takeaway was if you put a diverse group of women in a room magic happens. One of the lessons we learned that I will use in every area of my life going forward is always be assertive. Women can tend to be shy about promoting themselves, negotiating with their employers, or seeking out new opportunities and that puts us at a disadvantage compared to our male counterparts. Men simply do not hold back and women should not either. Don’t wait for anyone to give you an opportunity, go and take it! From now on I’m going to grab life by the balls!

It’s not about the number of degrees you have or about a prominent title next to your name it’s about hard work and dedication. With the amazing support of Women’s Media Center, our excellent trainers, and guest speakers, we are surely headed down a path towards excellence. I have no doubt that I’m going to see my fellow trainees on my television, in our Congress, or maybe even in the White House in the future.

Fifteen amazing women got in a room and I’m pretty sure we’re going to take over the world.

And not in the cheesy Beyonce way.

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