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Screenwriter Aline Brosh McKenna says the new ultimate romance for women is not “the guy,” but “the job.”

Rev. Bonnie McDougall Olson teaches psychiatric patients how to write their own stories, and in so doing, see them as sacred.

A very interesting reflection on class and pride by Hugo Schwyzer.

Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins on the Urban Green Summit last week in Denver.

Melissa Silverstein on the courage of first-time feature filmmaker Maryam Keshavarz of Circumstance.

Lady Gaga does it again.

Allison Gaudet Yarrow on Obama’s scorecard for women.

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  • http://feministing.com/members/atsiong1/ Marika

    Re: “Rev. Bonnie McDougall Olson teaches psychiatric patients how to write their own stories, and in so doing, see them as sacred.”

    I suffer from mental health issues, and it seemed to me that this article was full of double discourse. If the point is to provide psychiatric patients with their own voice, why isn’t the article about them? Instead, the article is about the trials and triumphs of a “sane” minister – who describes her patients as tragic and heartbreaking – and why we should admire her sacrifice. The patients are only directly quoted on their own experience once, and it is meant to show how delusional they are (“I’m the real Messiah.”). The author of the article – Freedman – seems to feel Olson and her colleagues’ motives are beyond examination; he repeatedly describes them as heading a divine “call” or doing a “duty that chose them.” Freedman paints a picture of a world where sane people “teach psychiatric patients hope” because they can’t teach themselves or each other, and where psychiatric patients give the sanes morbid poetry to read and teach them the True Meaning of Life ™ in the process. The closing quote says it all.

  • http://feministing.com/members/juliette/ Juliette

    Feministing, I love you, I truly do. But when you post links to MTV or hulu, or any other site that tells me “Sorry, this content is only available in the US”, I have the urge to kick a puppy (I don’t though. I do have a bit of a handle on my urges).
    It’s really, really frustrating, not to know what Lady Gaga has done again.

    So please, on behalf of the (probably very) few of us NOT located in the US, can you prefer youtube links, or at least describe whatever it is we’re missing?

    • http://feministing.com/members/atsiong1/ Marika

      Seconded, Juliette!