Adam Corolla thinks we should change “LGBT” to “yuck”

Adam Corolla has made a career out of being a racist misogynist bully, so it is not much of a surprise that when given the opportunity he goes on hateful anti-gay and transphobic tirades. When faced with the discussion of sexual-orientation based bullying and suicide in schools and the case for why Bert and Ernie should get married on Sesame Street he laughed and made a series of violent comments.

(Trigger warning)

You can check out the clip here, the comments start at about 1:19.

A few comments that really stick out (not verbatim but pretty close):

“Can the gays shut up–please get married and shut up.”

“Yeah Bert and Ernie butt-fucking is going to save a lot of lives…”

“What’s with all the training going on. I don’t feel like I had any training and I ended up just fine. You know what teaches kids to share? You smack ‘em.”

“It’s important that I teach my kids about guys that want to have their cocks cut off and vaginas put in their place.”

In an apology he says, “I’m sorry my comments were hurtful. I’m a comedian, not a politician.”

That’s not really an apology or a really good explanation. Clearly, he didn’t get the memo–comedians are supposed to be funny.

Only an asshole would make fun of an already marginalized community in the face of statistics of depression and suicide. The one piece of this story that can give us some solace is that his has-been career has completely taken him to nowheresville, so clearly his hate-mongering is not really as effective or funny as he hopes it to be.

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