Americana with a twist

As summer starts to peter to a close (NO!), I think it’s important that we do fun shit. I went to the New Mexico Gay Rodeo yesterday and watched 100 folks like this dude do flag racing, bull riding, and “drag” racing. It is one of 21 organizations in the International Gay Rodeo Association throughout the United States and Canada that produce regional rodeos each year. Each season concludes with the IGRA World Rodeo Finals.

It was fun to experience such seemingly disparate parts of culture and identity all intertwined together, reminding me just how much more complex our American story is than we sometimes assume.

What feminist fun are you up to towards the end of the summer?

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  • David

    I’m an avid feministing reader and constantly share your posts on facebook and anywhere else I can. However, I was shocked and appalled to see the above post glorifying the rodeo. Rodeos, queer-friendly or otherwise, are violent events that are only made possible through the horrid abuse of animals, including their reproductive organs. Bulls have flank straps painfully tied around their midsections and caustic ointments put in their eyes and on their testicles in order to make them buck out of pain. Calves have their necks broken when they’re lassoed by others on horseback. There is nothing entertaining about supporting this abuse.

  • Conor

    Hurray for exploiting animals! Surprised those concerned with ‘rights’ and equity wouldn’t apply that to animals too…

  • Bina

    I too have been a long time reader and fan of feministing for being the voice of many voiceless and the disempowered, but I was horrified to read this post. As a feminist and someone who believes in nonviolence non-suppression towards all living, sentient beings, as a person of color, I am disgusted by this ignorant post which glorifies the torture of enslaved, defenseless, voiceless animals. What happened to looking critically at things, picking them apart, fighting for the voiceless and disenfranchised? Since when did violence become “feminist”? Animals must be brought into our sphere of compassion, the most voiceless group in our society. To not do so relegates us back to the days where might made right, where women and people of color were legally subjugated and exploited simply because they were “other”, “different”, “didn’t speak the dominant language or culture”, or because they simply couldn’t physically fight back.

  • Kate

    I love this – I grew up around rodeos and even as an ultra liberal feminist, I find them a fascinating and fun part of Americana. Confronting and celebrating the existence of LGBT riders and ropers is brilliant. Let’r buck!