What we missed

More on The Help and the current state of domestic workers rights.

The politics of remaking the epic Dirty Dancing. And if you haven’t read Irin Carmon’s original take on why it is the best movie ever, please do.

If you are in NYC check out feminist comedian Zahra Noorbakhsh’s solo show “All Atheists are Muslim” at the 2011 New York International Fringe Theater Festival August 12-23

Kai Wright on the race gap in HIV for the New York Times.

Amanda makes the rather illogical and selfish argument that women like sex!? (hehe).

Gloria Steinem suggests that reality stars like Kim Kardashian aren’t really good for women (duh) but that we shouldn’t be mad at them.

A new test can detects a baby’s sex at 7 weeks. Uh-oh.

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