Quick Hit: Architect Barbie is not enough

So proud to point folks towards my partner’s op-ed in today’s Christian Science Monitor on why the field of architecture needs substantial interventions to achieve gender parity (currently, about 10% of registered architects are female), not just a cute doll:

In Architect Barbie, Mattel produced what the AIA seems to think of as the ultimate recruitment tool for women. Yet while the AIA and others might hope to inspire a generation of girls and young women to become architects, the systemic problems facing the profession will not be fixed with a doll and a dream. Career pipeline issues must be remedied. Cultural and institutional sexism must be faced. These are matters of retention, not recruitment.

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  • http://feministing.com/members/clone/ Matt

    I knew like 10 girls from my school who wanted to be architects and start their own architecture firms. Then in college they all switch to ecology and teaching majors. Go figure.