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Attitudes are the hardest thing to tailor

TweetI used to love shopping. It was a big pastime for my family, and many of my best memories as a kid are centered on the shopping mall. But even when I loved shopping for clothes, there was always that really terrible moment in the dressing room that would stick with me for months after [...]
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“Normal never got any of us anywhere”

TweetIvan Coyote has a great column at the Canadian paper Xtra, in response to a woman who emailed to tell her: The author was a self-identified “proud lesbian,” and she had a bone to pick with me. She wanted to know why I wrote so much about being a butch and asked me if I [...]
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What we missed

TweetOne of my besties on her creative process while living in India. (warning: it’s really f-ing good). On being an ex-undocumented immigrant father. Does what happened in Norway reveal a larger anti-immigration attitude in the country? And was Breivik’s ammo FROM the US? The racial wealth gap is larger than ever. Tweet
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What’s your debt ceiling got to do with me?

TweetI just spent the last hour trying to piece together what I understand of the debate around the debt ceiling, as both an exaggerated crisis and the potential for a really big problem, to explain what it is and why we should care but then I got confused (and I even took economics as an [...]
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Quick hit: Michael Kimmel on Anders Behring Breivik

TweetMichael Kimmel has spent the last several years conducting research on the role of gender in white supremacist movements in the USA and Scandinavia. For this reason, his analysis of the writing and actions of Anders Behring Breivik, the man responsible for one the most deadly acts of violence in Norway’s recent history, is indispensable. [...]
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