What We Missed

Just do it.

Dan Savage threatens to also redefine “Rick” if Santorum can’t keep his fetish for gay bashing in check.

Ridiculously airbrushed L’Oreal ads banned in the UK for being misleading.

Rosario Dawson speaks out about getting compliments for her looks after losing weight to play an emaciated character. Love her!

Lashai Mclean is a trans woman who was killed recently in DC. Sadly there’s been some very problematic media coverage.

Raquel Nelson, the woman convicted of vehicular homicide for crossing the street when her son was killed, has been granted a new trial.

Jamilah “Sister Toldja” Lemieux asks, “why do we assume that rape victims who ask for damages are dishonest about the crime or disaffected by what happened?”

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