Charlie Sheen to be roasted by Comedy Central. Wait, what?

Charlie Sheen’s media tour of “look at what a trainwreck I am, I don’t give a fuck, who cares, I’m Charlie Sheen” is the tour that just won’t quit. While he is out of the public eye for the most part in the last few months, let us not forget the loud splash he made with his appalling NBC Dateline interview that thrust him into the spotlight for his drug addiction, woman abuse and made him lose his TV deal for “Two and a half men.” So what, whatever, let the past be the past–he’s not here now, why should we care?

Well, Comedy Central wants to have the last laugh by roasting him in one of their infamous roastings of celebrity has-beens. I am not sure that many people watch the roasts, but I have and they can sometimes be funny, especially when the roasted is embarrassed or clearly pained by the jokes. The dirty reality of most of us TV watchers is we sometimes secretly love watching people we hate get humiliated (or maybe not that secretly–watching Donald Trump be made fun of for his presidential aspirations was pretty epic).

It would seem Comedy Central can’t go wrong with this one, but that would assume that everyone hates Charlie Sheen and his self aggrandizing self destructive image he has going on, but that would be wrong. Charlie Sheen is suitable for a roast because it is the perfect way to make fun of him while maintaining that he is a complete and total bad-ass–so much of one that he can endure a roast so close to his public meltdown.

So, no I don’t think it is funny. I think it is problematic to uphold destructive fallen “heros” with a track record of woman abuse. Roasting Charlie Sheen isn’t a way to hold him accountable for his abusive, hateful, sexist and bigoted actions, it is a way to admirably poke fun at them, which in essence, gives him a pass for all his problematic and destructive behavior.


On Charlie Sheen and Chris Brown.

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  • Jessica “Jess” Victoria Carillo

    Yeah it was said you “Only Roast the Ones you love.” Still just like I loved seeing Trump get it good while being Roasted, I wonder about the Sheen Roast: would be like the Roast of Michael Scott on that episode of “The Office” ?

  • blueeyes90

    I’m not really surprised with Comedy Central having a roast for this abusive piece of garbage. This is the same network that had a roast for Larry the cable guy. I don’t know what else to say other than . . .What?!

  • Brüno

    So commedy central is totally ignoring feminist doctrines. But do they have to abide by them? If you think the roast of Charlie Sheen is wrong do not watch it.

    • Logic

      “Out of sight, out of mind” is not the solution to domestic violence.

  • Lauren

    I thought his interview was funny
    So many one liners came out of it one after the other
    Finally someone who says what they think instead of caving in and saying what other people want him to say. It’s a shame that more people don’t appreciate that honesty.

    • Logic

      The apparent spontaneity of Charlie Sheen’s verbal abuse and misogynistic statements does not inherntly translate to candidness.

      • Logic


    • honeybee

      While I dislike many things about Charlie I absolutely agree with you on this one. What I do really like about him is he doesn’t act or say what people want him to. He just does and says what he honestly feels and thinks. I respect that. Regardless of whether I would do or say the same things if I was him.