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Building on her previous writing, our own Lori Adelman continues to look at gender differences in attitudes towards war.

Rachel Lloyd this morning on CNN, talking about trafficking.

Economic recovery without sustainable job creation. What gives?

Saudi women ask why Secretary Clinton hasn’t supported them.

The WNBA turns 15 this week!

Girls Write Now has extended their deadline for mentors. Apply today!

What’s been done wrong thus far in Haiti’s reconstruction.

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  • davenj

    It strikes me as a little bit off-target to celebrate the anniversary of the WNBA when this site doesn’t celebrate the accomplishments of the women actually playing in the league. The importance of female sports lies not only in them simply existing, but in recognizing the people participating in them. I doubt the OP could say who won the WNBA championship this year, or who the MVP was, or which famous WNBA player was accused of doping in Euro-League ball.

    It takes more than anniversaries to make sports thrive, and if we want them to thrive then we need to do more.