Connecticut: They really ARE full of surprises

When one thinks of the state of Connecticut, there’s often a semi-boring vision that arises: lots of colonial houses, Yale University, George W. Bush was born there — as was Foxwoods Casino. But not only is the state becoming more diverse in population and geography, but has been pretty bad-ass when it comes to progressive legislation — hello, gay marriage! — but also this week in particular.

Saturday morning, the state senate voted for final approval of legislation that will protect people from being discriminated against in the workplace or while seeking housing or obtaining credit based on gender identity and expression. I love what Sen. Eric Coleman, co-chairman of the legislature’s judiciary committee, had to say:

“It is not in, my estimation, a big deal to provide the protection they are seeking. In my estimation, that’s what the state of Connecticut should be about.”

Booyah! Also on Saturday, Connecticut became the first state to pass a statewide law providing paid sick days.

Good on you, Connecticut.

P.S. Did I mention they may also decriminalize marijuana? Just sayin’…

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  • Mia

    As a CT resident, it’s always interesting to hear people’s take on my state. Yeah, Bush was born here, but he’s really a Texan. CT residents don’t find Yale as fascinating as out-of-staters do, especially because of it’s location (hello, New Haven). While CT is passing some really great legislature, they plan on really screwing us over in taxes in the years to come. But, I still love my state!

  • Gabe

    I come from Massachusetts and go to school in Connecticut; I’m also spending the summer here in CT and over the past few weeks have decided this is really where I live now. What a reward for my loyalty! Love you, CT!

    Oh, also, New Haven deserves a shout-out for being a fantastic progressive city, both historically and today.

    • Mia

      New Haven is a terrible city, nothing progressive about. We call it ‘gun waving New Haven.’ It’s funny how in-staters dislike CT, but some out-staters love it (only Southwestern CT – the rest of CT is pretty conservative, and a bit racist).

      • Gabe

        New Haven is leading the way in polices friendly to undocumented immigrants, and it’s got a robust worker’s movement. It’s also got a great feminist history and votes overwhelmingly Democrat. I’m not sure what you mean by “gun waving New Haven,” but since it’s not exactly an NRA stronghold, you should probably explain why it’s not as classist as it sounds.