The Onion outs Planned Parenthood’s new pet project.

“Although we’ve traditionally dedicated 97 percent of our resources to other important services such as contraception distribution, cancer screening, and STD testing, this new complex allows us to devote our full attention to what has always been our true passion: abortion,” said [Cecile] Richards.

Awesome. How many bets some antis will try to take it literally?

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  • Jessica “Jess” Victoria Carillo

    Hilarious. I bet you 1000 will take it literally.

  • Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz

    I bet 11,000 will take it literally.

  • Kate

    I’m concerned commentary like that one trivialises a serious issue. It doesn’t do a pro case much good to depict them in a negative way…I know what the Onion seeks to do, I just don’t think they went the right way about it.

  • Ramey

    They made a pretty serious error in describing an abortion as the vaccuuming out of a cervix…um, you mean uterus?

    I wonder if that was intentional or not? I don’t usually find glaring factual errors on the Onion – well, not ones that aren’t the entire point of the story/comedy. Curious…

  • lalareina

    They really can’t afford to be in such bad taste. I thought only GOP officials had such tone deaf humor.

  • Emmett J Doyle
  • Brüno

    “The antis?” That spoof looks like it has been authored by the anthis or at least funded?

  • Shannon Drury

    Jill Stanek’s blog is all over this one. She and many commenters think it’s literal, not satirical. I hate to send her traffic, but her site is worth reading for insight into the anti-abortion, anti-contraception mindset.

  • Sam Lindsay-Levine

    A bit late, but here is a site full of people on Facebook not getting what The Onion is about, including plenty on this particular article: