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File this under sad and scary. According to a new study by the University of Arizona, one in four women would chose severe depression over obesity, one in six would chose blindness. If you ever think for a minute the pressure to be thin isn’t devastating, think again.

On the Long Island killer and the price we pay for a society that criminalizes sex work and forces sex workers into the margins.

Over 100 Michigan law grads walked out of commencement because of anti-gay presenter Rob Portman. What this tells me is we have a whole new generation of lawyers that think anti-gay legislation is bullshit and are ready to fight to overturn it. As Lil John would say, “yee-yah.”

A boy in Cambridge, England wore a skirt to school to protest the ban on boys wearing shorts over the summer.

Female Genital Barbi-fication. Can I get a ‘oh hell no’?

Lindsay has more on the purpose of slut walk and debunking the “slut construct.”

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