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The Texas legislation that would force women to get a sonogram before an abortion is on its way to Gov. Perry’s desk, who has every intention of signing it.

Melissa on the point that Time Magazine missed in its recent piece on masculinity.

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  • http://feministing.com/members/runninggirl/ Cate

    What so frustrates me about all of these laws requiring sonograms, or counseling, or a waiting period before an abortion is that it’s always justified by saying lawmakers want “to make sure women understand what an abortion entails”, the chron.com article put it. Women want to have abortions precisely because they know exactly what it entails. I seriously doubt there are women out there saying “oh, wait, a fetus is growing into a BABY? Then I don’t want an abortion after all!”

    By the time a woman goes to her doctor and requests an abortion, she has weighed the pros and cons. She knows what the consequences for her carrying to term will be emotionally, financially, socially, and she knows the same for having an abortion. It makes me so angry to see legislators, frequently the same ones who have taglines about getting the government out of our lives, enact laws and propose bills that are premised on the idea that a woman can’t possibly make this decision for herself. That somehow lawmakers, totally outside of this woman’s life, know better than she does what her options are and what she should do.

    I know I’m kind of preaching to the choir with this, but for every one of these laws that pass I feel it more and more, that women are given less and less autonomy over our bodies and medical and life choices. I just feel so angry, and helpless in a way. What can I do to help the women in Texas? I just don’t know.