Monthly Archives: April 2011 doesn’t like women who have their own condoms and I don’t like him

TweetSlut-shaming with a side of awful sex education? My favorite! of the Black Eyed Peas recently told Elle that he thinks women who have their own condoms are a total boner-killer. ELLE: If you walked into a woman’s house, what one item would convince you that you weren’t compatible? W: If she had condoms [...]
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What We Missed

TweetBahrain activist Assel Ibrahim Sharif on her missing father. Zainab Alkhawaja is on the eighth day of a hunger strike that she vows to continue until her family members are released. A new report on gender equity (or, um, not equity) in the NYC municipal workforce. Sayantani DasGupta on raising multilingual kiddos. An estimated 2,594 [...]
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What will new credit card regulations mean for women?

TweetDisclaimer: I hate credit. It just feels wrong that I’m forced to borrow money from some big credit card company month after month, even if I don’t want or need access to any funds beyond what I hold in my bank account, just so I can improve my “score” and people in society will trust [...]
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The Wednesday Weigh-In: sex, lies, and no scales necessary

TweetHappy Humpy Day yall. You know what it is. It’s time for your Wednesday Weigh-In!! No silly, not that kind of weigh in! This is more like an open thread where we can “weigh in” on stuff. You already know my opinion on everything from the withdrawal method to yo momma jokes, but now we’re [...]
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Where the eff was Donald Trump born, anyway?! New poll shows most Americans uncertain

Tweet Boy, I’ll tell ya. The more I look into the background behind this Donald Trump guy’s birth, the more “suspect” it is. Have you heard the new poll numbers? Most Americans don’t even believe he was born in this country. Now, he either doesn’t have his birth certificate or he’s not showing it to [...]
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