Feministing Wins Hillman Prize for Reporting on Social and Economic Justice

We are so honored and excited that Feministing has been awarded the Sidney Hillman prize for Exemplary Reporting that Fosters Social and Economic Justice.

Since our inception, one of our goals at Feministing has been to support social change in really concrete ways. Whether it be changing the story on how something was being reported on, highlighting the work of groups committed to social justice or supporting campaigns for social change–our mission has always been to use blogging as a form of feminist activism.

Since 2004 our readership and community has grown exponentially with over 10, 000 blog posts, 8,000 community posts, and hundreds and thousands of comments. And we have had several wins whether it was removing scary anti-choice legislation or pushing the national media to cover the Oscar Grant case or getting a pair of really sexist and problematic girls underwear removed from the sales rack at Walmart.

And through this work we have also learned that it is really hard to do it in the context of modern feminism ripe with resource disparities, internal discord and the very real reality that systems of oppression are alive and impacting all our lives in different ways. But despite some setbacks and the difficulty of just showing up every day and blogging our assess of, we are all truly humbled by what we have seen to the be the power of online feminism and blogging. And proud that our hard work has in so many ways paid off.

So thank you Feministing community and readers for your years of support and engagement and to the Sidney Hillman Foundation for honoring us with this prestigious prize.

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