Transgender singer/Spider Man Art Director Sexual Assault Charge

Spider Man Art Director Sexual Assault Charge

Spider Man Art Director and past Emmy nominee David Klassen has been charged with sexual assault by Newport Beach police after an incident occured wherein Klassen’s “girlfriend,” lured transgender rock singer Bralalalala into her home on a “Strictly platonic” stated basis to meet with friends (she had made a Craigslist posting seeking a “Strictly platonic” friend online, which the singer responded to, wherein she met at her house to go to a dance with other friends who never showed up at the house).  She had given Klassen Bralalalala’s Myspace page, and Klassen was intrigued by Bralalalala. Bra did not know who Klassen was nor had she spoken to him prior to meeting through his girlfriend however.
After the police filed charges on Spider Man art director David Klassen for sexually assaulting transgender singer Bralalalala at his home, Myspace music banned Bralalalala from its page, taking sides with the director, not the police. Cnn Ireport has banned this story shortly after it was posted. However, the police charge to the DA is real, and the police report # is available upon request. The charge is still pending with the DA. DNA evidence was submitted to police.
The art director made a hate website about the artist after the police report was filed, and has done what he can to sabotage the singer’s career. Bralalalala won the 2005 LA Music Awards. Bralalalala has appeared on ABC’s old series, “Moral Court,” instructed that as transgender, she should expect to be discriminated against in the entertainment business.
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  • rhian

    I find this post really confusing.

    I tried to find more info about this since the author doesn’t link to any, but all I can find are posts almost identical to this one made on several forums, dating back several months. If this is a personal story and not a news report, I believe it should be written as one.

    I don’t mean to judge the truth of what did or did not happen here. But I don’t think Feministing is an appropriate forum for this post as written.

    • Bralalalala

      Hmmm..feminist website..sexual assault and hate site from a major motion picture movie director to a transgender girl..inappropriate website for the “confusing” story? Really? Not a news story? Hmmmm…

      • Bralalalala

        Do transgender women even exist? We report you decide!

    • MKE

      How is it not appropriate for Feministing? A pretty core feminist value is the idea that the personal is political. Framing “news” stories as separate than (and more legitimate than) “personal” stories is an old and ugly tactic to silence women — both trans and cis — and a whole bunch of other marginalized folks. If we’re working from the idea that people who are not white-cis-straight-men are, in fact, people, it follows that we believe their experiences are just as worthy of public consumption as anyone else’s.

      Bralalalala, I am deeply saddened to hear yet another story of retaliatory rape apologism. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do, and keep us posted.

    • anunfunnyfeminist

      So you’re going to tell a trans woman, whose people are systemically and hatefully excluded from education, and whose stories of violence are NEVER reported by the national mainstream media, to write better and provide mainstream media sources to support her account of what happened to her. If this were a cis woman talking about her experience with sexual assault, you would have empathized. You would have believed her. You wouldn’t have told her that her sole account wasn’t good enough. You wouldn’t have told her to cite website articles. What happened to the feminist value of taking sexual assault charges seriously? Oh, yes, that only applies to cis women, right? Wave your cis privilege in the air like you just don’t care! *middle finger*

      Bra, keep telling your story. As hateful as some of these little cis girls can be, there are many cis women out there who will fight for you and yours until transmisogyny is abolished! Much love.

      • Bralalalala

        Thanks to you and MKE and whomever else can provide intelligent insights/responses for a change. Your repsonses were well written and covered rhian’s “confusion” well.
        Yes it is a personal story that is a news story. However, although the media has inquired about this story, there has been no visible support for Bralalalala pursuant to this incident to this point. What is most crucially disappointing is the length of time it has taken the government to respond, and the manner it which it has. The police department “lost” the underwear given to them with the molester’s DNA on it. Now, how absurd is that? There were other clothing items issued with DNA as well, though possibly not as easy to test positive due to less intiate wear..the results of the DNA test are not public at this time. In any case, given the “Platonic” website evidence, the interview with the molester and his girlfriend by police, witness accounts available in the vicinity of the incident (but not literally during the incident), and the subsequent complete flagrant hate website made by them all with the impertintent nerve to call the victim a “whore” right on it, the police charge with the DA, you’d think some progress in opening the case would have been made by now. The closure of Bralalalala’s myspace music page as a result of Bra filing the police report, shows how much influence this rapist can have over certain media outlets. Say no to myspace! The police did not shut down Bra’s myspace! Myspace did!
        Some celebrities have appeared supportive of Bralalalala through all this, though no public comments to this point. Some attorneys are interested in the case. However, the main issue is why hasn’t the government yet acted.