Transgender singer/Spider Man Art Director Sexual Assault Charge

Spider Man Art Director Sexual Assault Charge

Spider Man Art Director and past Emmy nominee David Klassen has been charged with sexual assault by Newport Beach police after an incident occured wherein Klassen’s “girlfriend,” lured transgender rock singer Bralalalala into her home on a “Strictly platonic” stated basis to meet with friends (she had made a Craigslist posting seeking a “Strictly platonic” friend online, which the singer responded to, wherein she met at her house to go to a dance with other friends who never showed up at the house).  She had given Klassen Bralalalala’s Myspace page, and Klassen was intrigued by Bralalalala. Bra did not know who Klassen was nor had she spoken to him prior to meeting through his girlfriend however.
After the police filed charges on Spider Man art director David Klassen for sexually assaulting transgender singer Bralalalala at his home, Myspace music banned Bralalalala from its page, taking sides with the director, not the police. Cnn Ireport has banned this story shortly after it was posted. However, the police charge to the DA is real, and the police report # is available upon request. The charge is still pending with the DA. DNA evidence was submitted to police.
The art director made a hate website about the artist after the police report was filed, and has done what he can to sabotage the singer’s career. Bralalalala won the 2005 LA Music Awards. Bralalalala has appeared on ABC’s old series, “Moral Court,” instructed that as transgender, she should expect to be discriminated against in the entertainment business.
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