Free Ticket Giveaway Friday: Roe on the Rocks Concert

Yes, it is that time — for you folks who have an interest in going to Planned Parenthood of New York City’s 4th Annual Roe on the Rocks Benefit Concert this coming Monday, we’ve got a free ticket for your ass — so get your thinking caps on and be the first person to answer the trivia question below. First person to email me with the correct answer (use subject title, “PPNYC”) gets the prize!

Thao with the Stay Down Get Down is headlining this pro-choice jammy, with special guests The Bloodsugars, Ana Egge, Pearl and the Beard. Emceeing is lady comedian extraordinaire Sara Benincasa. Now, onto the game:

How many health centers does Planned Parenthood operate nationwide?

A. 74
B. 300
C. 800

I’ll be posting the answer shortly once we get a winner. Miss the trivia boat? Buy tickets here.

UPDATE: Congrats to our winner Aly, who guessed the correct answer, C. 800!

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