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The greatest debate of our time

TweetThere is too much wrong in the world. Let’s watch two babies hold a debate. Transcript after the jump. via Videogum. Tweet
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14 year old girl raped, found guilty of adultery and lashed to death

TweetTrigger warning CNN reports that Hena Akhter, a 14 year old girl who lived in the Shariatpur district of Bangladesh, was being harassed by her cousin Mahbub Khan, who was three times her age. Hena’s parents reported this to the village elders, who fined Khan but told Hena’s family to drop the matter. Months later, [...]
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Operation Rescue sets up shop across the street from Dr. Carhart

TweetFrom RH Reality Check comes word that Operation Rescue, the extreme anti-choice organization that leads protests against clinics that perform abortions, along with Maryland Coalition for Life, has rented the building across the street from Dr. Carhart’s clinic. Dr. Leroy Carhart, who recently opened his clinic in Maryland, is one of the only doctors in [...]
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Teen soccer star Indi Cowie is amazing

TweetAt the height of my soccer career, I could juggle the ball 107 times in a row. Indi Armstrong Cowie, the 16 year-old-soccer star profiled in the recent New York Times Magazine, could juggle 2,000 times straight by the time she was 10. Cowie is the shit. In addition to being an amazing soccer player [...]
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What We Missed.

TweetAnother 11 year old girl has been brutally gang-raped. How will the media respond this time? In other reasons why the prison industrial complex sucks–there are more black men in prison today then there were in slavery. Sixty-one percent of women aged 50-75 would like more portrayal of their sexual desires in the movies. That’s [...]
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