Come out to the SlutWalk to support victims of sexual assault!

Remember the cop in Toronto who said that women who don’t want to be sexually assaulted shouldn’t “dress like sluts“?

Well, activists in Toronto and elsewhere are fighting back! Toronto has organized the SlutWalk this Sunday. Come out for the march and stand up for every women who’s ever been told if only her hemline were longer, she might not have been raped. There is no justification for sexual assault – ever – and it’s time to stop slut-shaming and victim-blaming.

If you aren’t in Toronto or can’t make it this Sunday, other events are cropping up around the region. Come out to the Sackville Satellite event on April 4 or the London and Ottawa events on Sunday April 10! (If anyone has links other than those to the Toronto page for London and Sackville, please post them in the comments.)

Representatives from the justice system need to hear our message loud and clear that when anyone is assaulted, there is one person to blame: the perpetrator. The time is now to stand in solidarity with assault victims.


Nicole Chatelain
WIN General Director

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The Women’s Independence Network (WIN) is a proud sponsor of the Ottawa SlutWalk on April 10.

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