Women and Power Retreat: Leading From the Inside Out Scholarships

The Women’s Institute at Omega is pleased to announce that scholarships are being offered to attend the Women and Power Retreat: Leading From the Inside Out held July 8-10, 2011, at Omega Institute. The retreat will feature Martha Beck, Elizabeth Lesser, Sapphire, Mallika Dutt, and several other outstanding teachers.

Scholarship recipients and conference attendees have left the past Women’s Institute featured events feeling empowered, inspired, and eager to embolden their work in the world.
We strongly encourage anyone who is interested in this unique opportunity to apply for a scholarship.  Please visit our website for more details and for an easy, quick online application for scholarships.

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For more than 30 years, Omega has offered innovative opportunities for women. In 2002, we created the acclaimed Women & Power conference series featuring women change agents from around the globe. The inspiration and creativity generated at these conferences resulted in the creation of the Women's Institute at Omega in 2005. During the next two years, the Women's Institute will be in a growth process that will culminate in the launch of the Women's Leadership Center (WLC) in 2012. The Women's Leadership Center (WLC) will be dedicated to our bedrock belief that women's leadership can and will change the world for the better. By training women to lead from their own authentic vision; encouraging women to develop both their inner spiritual strength and outward skillful action in the world; fostering a paradigm shift from control over others to partnership with others; and helping women develop the multiple human intelligences of mind, body, heart, and spirit, the Women's Leadership Center (WLC) will help support women in becoming important change agents for the 21st century. We look forward to keeping you informed as we develop this exciting new part of Omega.

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