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Another 11 year old girl has been brutally gang-raped. How will the media respond this time?

In other reasons why the prison industrial complex sucks–there are more black men in prison today then there were in slavery.

Sixty-one percent of women aged 50-75 would like more portrayal of their sexual desires in the movies. That’s right ladies, tell ‘em.

More on the race-baiting anti-abortion billboards with Obama’s face to be unveiled in Chicago.

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  • http://feministing.com/members/kaelin/ Matt

    The rest of the movies article is actually fairly interesting overall in that the groups with high representation want less of themselves than those with low representation want more of themselves. People show a greater belief in sexual equality than our culture may have us believe.

    You wonder at what point that the people looking at gang rape are going to stop blaming the victim and recognize that this sort of violence (and gangs themselves) is/are a serious problem.