Pledge to Make Your Campus SAFER This Sexual Assault ACTIVISM Month

For the past ten years, April has been known as Sexual Assault Awareness Month. This year, SAFER decided we wanted to take a slightly different approach. We’re recognizing this April as Sexual Assault ACTIVISM Month, and we’re asking students and their allies to join us in pledging to take concrete steps toward holding their schools and communities accountable for preventing, reducing, and responding to sexual assault on campus. And because we know ya’ll are already busy, we want to reward your action with some awesome prizes.

Here’s how it works: Students, alumni, and other student allies like parents, faculty, and campus staff can pledge to one or multiple SAAM actions on our pledge page. These actions include:

  • Participating in the V-DAY and SAFER Campus Accountability Project
  • Creating and submitting media (video, visual, or text) that defines what accountability means to you and your campus movement (see our video below for some of our thoughts on accountability)
  • Launching a campaign for sexual assault policy reform campaign at your school
  • Spreading the word about Sexual Assault Activism Month
  • Helping us out with fundraising so we can continue to support student movements across the country
  • Telling us what kind of great work you’re already doing on your campus to fight sexual assault so we can archive your strategies and and victories to inspire future activists.

We also want you to tell us why you’re taking action and (with your consent) we’ll share those explanations along with any media submissions on our new tumblr. Once you’ve pledged, you’ll be taken to a page with more detailed ideas for how to take action this SAAM.

At the end of April, we’ll be sending everyone who pledged a brief questionnaire so you can tell us how you took action and we will enter you into a raffle (and we’ll be adding more to that prize list throughout the month). Raffle winners will be selected at random in early May. We’ll also ask you to nominate an exceptional activist/group of activists who will be eligible to win a free SAFER training when the school year kicks off next fall! (And by all means, when the time comes, nominate your own group!)

We’re kicking things off a couple of days early, so you officially have 33 days to pledge to take action this SAAM! We have this amazing vision of campus movements being born, or growing, across the country this April, and we absolutely cannot wait to hear about it. Sexual Assault ACTIVISM Month starts NOW.

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