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If you’re a straight man celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in the presence of other men, Guinness has a tutorial on how to avoid being too gay about it.

Spoiler alert: On Tuesday’s episode of “Glee,” Kurt and Blaine finally kissed. And it was a long, passionate kiss, too, not the kind of quick peck we so often have to settle for when gay characters are allowed to physically express affection on television. Even better than the actual kiss is this video of a crowd of Gleeks reacting to it, from gay comedian Bryan Safi.

At the Washington City Paper, Shani O. Hilton writes about life as a Black D.C. gentrifier.

You know how Ann said yesterday that every woman should write something? Here’s a chance: the New York Times‘ Modern Love column is holding its annual contest for college students.

SisterSongNYC’s leader Jasmine Burnett on the racist tactics that anti-choicers have been employing of late: “The message that I want people to understand today is that Black women and women of color are pissed. Off.”

One of the four New York Times journalists confirmed missing in Libya is a woman photojournalist by the name of Lynsey Addario.

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  • http://feministing.com/members/carnivorouspixie/ Lace

    Ack! Please, add a little more space between the Spoiler Alert, that it’s about Glee, and THEN the spoiler please!! What was seen cannot be unseen! (/cry…)

  • anyadnight

    As a woman who really enjoys my Guinness, THAT was disappointing. No wonder my male coworker said, “I didn’t peg you for a Guinness drinker.” Oh, I guess that’s MAN stuff. Because it’s DARK. And uhhh. MAN. NOT GAY. GRRR.