Solution to 11-year-olds getting raped? Dress codes

Some things don’t need feminist deconstructions or applications of feminist ideas. This is one of those things. See the below link.

I don’t usually get outraged by the things politicians say, but this is a good opportunity for action. In the wake of the gang-rape of the 11-year-old girl in Texas, Florida State Representative Kathleen Passidomo speaks out in support of a bill that requires students to wear uniforms, saying in part, the 11-year-old was raped because she was “dressed like a 21-year-old prostitute.”

Politics aside, legislators like these show a profound lack of human decency and grasps on reality, and need to be kicked out of office, be they Democrats or Republicans (she happens to be a Republican.)

Grassroots action seems best in this situation — if you can’t get her out of office now, it’ll create a media narrative to ensure she is on the defense, and thus will hit her hard in the next election.

Contact information for her office is below in the link. Flood it with e-mails and phone calls asking for resignations until the media picks up on the story. What’s more, write your local papers and Florida-based newspapers regarding this situation. This is your chance to change a narrative and at the same time, getting a very, very disturbed politician out of office.

Pass it on.

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