The Day after IWD

IWD and Feminist Coming Out Day were kind of like Christmas to me. The buildup was filled with excitement and anticipation. And just like the day after Christmas or your birthday, I felt the sadness that the day had passed and wondered if we would remember in a week all the important sentiments the day signifies. I still felt inspired by all yesterday’s pro-woman activism, news, and events when I woke up this morning…until I saw the email circulated by fraternity brothers at USC.

If I could speak to these boys (because, let’s be honest, they are FAR from being men), I would say the following:

Dear kappa sigma brother(s) at USC,
This is FUCKING DISGUSTING. I hope your fraternity chapter is suspended. You seriously wrote this: “Non-consent and rape are two different things. There is a fine line, so make sure not to cross it.” This actually makes me nauseous; you are an embarrassment to the people (men AND women) who work to end sexual violence. I hope your mothers, sisters, girlfriends, female friends, and enlightened male friends see this and are horrified that they associate with someone like you.

With a fuck you,

The dis-membering of women in this email by referring to only their body parts demonstrates to me how the objectification and devaluation of women’s lives STILL exist. So to anyone who was wondering yesterday why we still need an International Women’s Day and a Feminist Coming Out Day:  THIS IS WHY.

Sidenote: Kappa Sigma at my undergraduate institution had a reputation as the “rape fraternity” and I find it fascinating that this happened within the same fraternity at another institution.

Masters student in Houston; hoping for a career in the nonprofit sector doing feminist activism and organizing.

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  • Lucia

    As a student of USC, I heard that the e-mail originated from Harvard, circulated to the Kappa Sigma at UCSDU, and then to the Kappa Sigma at USC (the brother who sent it out at USC transfered from the chapter at UCSDU). This brother has been kicked out of the USC chapter of Kappa Sigma and I think that the national branch of Kappa Sigma is investigating this particular chapter…

    An article addressed the e-mail in the school newspaper (The Daily Trojan) but only talked about the smear on the fraternity’s reputation. What I am enraged about is that the article did not talk about how this is the prevalent mentality in many fraternity men, who feel they are entitled to treat women like conquests and objects.

    • Lucia

      *USCD (whoops put an extra U in there…twice haha)

  • Georgia

    Some things never change, do they!