Daniel Craig in Drag for International Women’s Day

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Yesterday was International Women’s Day. In honor of that fact, Daniel Craig stood up both in drag and in his James Bond attire while statistics were read by Judi Dench about how the life of men and women in the UK are different. I know that these statistics are UK based, but unfortunately they apply very well to the U.S. as well.

Anyway, I am not a big James Bond fan so I was not on the Daniel Craig bandwagon until my friend showed me this video. Now I totally get it. Those legs! That feminist advocacy! *drool*

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  • http://feministing.com/members/kaelin/ Matt

    “Those legs! … *drool*”

    I submit:

    * Likable men in dresses are attractive to women who are attracted to men.
    * Likable women in dresses are attractive to men who are attracted to women.

    Conclusion: Dresses are sexy.

  • http://feministing.com/members/nurgetts/ Rachael Halemor

    Really not into Bond myself, I guess because as a feminist, I find it all a tiresome. That’s not to say, however that the female characters aren’t becoming stronger.

    However, I have always loved Judi Dench…and now I have a new-found respect for Daniel Craig!

    It’s not how he is dressed. It’s that he is clearly, one of the few male actors, willing to put himself out there for feminism.

    I will never really be a fan of Bond. But I will definately follow his career a little more now. See? There you have it! Feminism is good for everyone.

    Mr Craig has a new fan!!