University of Vermont Paper Posts “The Hipster Girl Hookup”

I attend the University of Vermont, which I generally consider to be a safe, progressive school.  Over the past few weeks there have been nearly a dozen incidents of sexual assault in the area, consisting of an as-yet-unknown male assailant groping women and then running.

The University of Vermont alternative newspaper the Watertower decided that now was the appropriate time to publish an article entitled “the hipster girl hookup: a beginner’s guide.”

The article is on page 3 of the pdf here, and a more offensive version can be found here.

The article basically boils down to a guide on lying to women that you don’t care about to get into their pants.  Charming at all times.  But it is appalling to me, both as a human being and as a student of UVM, that an article that so explicitly supports rape culture would be published.  That this would be published at all is disgusting, that it was published at a time when women are being sexually assaulted in the area is unconscionable.

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