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What We Missed

TweetOn Monday, Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) introduced Senate Bill S. 658, The Support for Survivors Act, which requires the DOD to establish a unified system to permanently store and retain digital records in all cases of military rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment, and allow lifetime access to these records by the survivor. From the [...]
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Older women, blacks unhappy with their portrayal in films

Tweet Some new research provides definitive proof of what many media watchdogs and feminists have been saying for awhile: media representation matters, and especially in regards to portrayal of sex and sexuality, certain groups seem to continuously get the shaft (NO pun intended, I swear). In this case, older women and black people expressed the [...]
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This is what a young feminist sounds like

TweetWant to see what real “punditry” looks like? Want to see what it looks like when a smart, young woman is given enough airtime to really comment on what she cares and knows about? Check out this clip of Ellen Paige, explaining the disappearance of bees, and its connection to our unsustainable food system, in [...]
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Advice on “how to get a job as a woman” misses the mark

Tweet Susannah Breslin, the writer who once called feminism “cultural roadkill” and has also mocked rape victims by criticizing trigger warnings is at it again. This time, she’s giving advice on ‘how to get a job as a woman.” Her main points? 1) “Women’s blogging is a ghetto,” so you should 2) “sell your womanhood” [...]
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Indiana lawmaker: Women will fake their own rape or incest to get an abortion

Tweet Hey ladies! Are you “desirous of an abortion” but unsure of how to get one (since extreme anti-choice provisions might make access illegal) or pay for it (since of course it’s not covered under your health insurance plan)? Well then BOY do I have the LOOPHOLE for you!! It’s “simple” according to Rep. Eric [...]
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