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If Georgia criminalizes miscarriage, will used tampons become evidence?

TweetYou know a bill is bad when completely outlawing abortion is not even the worst of it. The Georgia bill, proposed by Rep. Bobby “rape victims aren’t victims” Franklin, would make abortion a felony, potentially punishable by death, and require that all miscarriages be investigated to ensure they were not caused by any “human involvement [...]
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Where are the women comics? SXSW edition

TweetLast week, when South by Southwest announced the initial comedy lineup at this year’s massive festival in Austin, it included 30 men and just one lonely woman. While SXSW claimed to be “disappointed” and blamed the lack of women on scheduling conflicts and low application numbers, others called “horseshit.” Andrea Grimes, funny lady and female [...]
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Canadian judge writes the book on victim-blaming

Tweet“No jail for rapist because victim ‘wanted to party’” With an headline like that, you just know it will be good! “A convicted rapist will not go to jail because a Manitoba judge says the victim sent signals that “sex was in the air” through her suggestive attire and promiscuous conduct on the night of [...]
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Nissan ad is offensive, not much else

Tweet Transcript after the jump. What is this craptastic ad even about? It just feels like a bunch of offensiveness strung together. “Model vs. Model.” Oh I get it, cause car model, and also women are like objects so haha no. Also drag is hot, that’s just a fact, some things can’t be argued. So [...]
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What We Missed

TweetTwo more terrible bills about allowing murder in the name of protecting fetuses. Ann breaks down why even Neko Case can’t get laid. “i am not a good enough feminist is an exhibition and publication that seeks to investigate Feminism as a historically situated moment and the possibilities and necessities of its contemporary manifestations.” Submit. [...]
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