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A reminder that we have a lot more to lose in this budget fight than just Planned Parenthood.

Congrats to Community Blogger Chloe, whose video about why Planned Parenthood’s funding shouldn’t be cut was picked up by CBS!

In case we haven’t had enough news about terrible anti-choice laws around the country, the Virginia legislature yesterday approved a bill to force abortion clinics to conform to the standards of hospitals. This is very obviously an attempt to limit access to the procedure. Mind you, clinics that do breast implants and plastic surgery aren’t being subjected to these requirements.

Saturday is a big day for progressive political action! In addition to the reproductive justice rallies happening around the country to support Planned Parenthood, MoveOn is hosting a big DC rally in support of the folks in Wisconsin. The Feministing crew will be out strong in NYC–go support your local organizing!

Katie Halper has a few suggestions for alternate names for the bill trying to defund Title X clinics like Planned Parenthood. How about the Pro-Life, Pro-Cervical Cancer Bill? Or the Pro-Unwanted Pregnancy Bill?

Akiba Solomon at Colorlines breaks down 9 reasons to hate the racist billboard our activism took down yesterday.

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