Dear Planned Parenthood

Have you been feeling like you’re unable to share your personal Planned Parenthood story? Blogger Jill and I have created an online space called “Dear Planned Parenthood” for people to share their stories (anonymously or not) in hopes that folks will feel empowered and connected. We have received over 120 followers in less than a day, and that number is growing.

Planned Parenthood provides so many services: birth control, cancer screenings, HIV testing, abortion, gynecological exams, and so much more… and they do it all at little to no cost because their priority is getting people care. Use this new blog to talk about how Planned Parenthood has helped you because if we don’t speak up now, when Planned Parenthood needs us, there may come the day when this brilliant resource is no more.

So please check out Dear Planned Parenthood on Tumblr, and spread the word!

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  • Zaneta

    Also we know not everyone is on Tumblr, but there is a really great conversation on Twitter as well. Check out the hashtag #thanksPPFA for some shorter stories.

    And if you want to encourage folks to share more than 140 characters tweet this:

    @NYAfeminist RT There are almost 200 folks sharing their stories on “Dear Planned Parenthood” Join us at #thanksPPFA