Britain to legalize same-sex marriage

According to news reports, the British government is preparing to remove the final distinctions between same-sex partnerships and marriage.

British media reported Sunday the government is preparing to erase some of the last remaining distinctions between gay partnership and traditional marriage — allowing gay couples to tie the knot in churches in ceremonies that may be officially known as marriages.

While Britain has had a civil partnerships law since 2005, which essentially allows for all the rights of marriage afforded to straight couples, advocates there have been pushing for this change as a move away from the current “separate but equal” arrangement.

If the plans go through, Britain would join the Netherlands, Canada, Belgium, Portugal and Spain as another country with full marriage rights for same-sex couples.

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  • Jenny Barnes

    It would be far from symbolic for trans people. Presently, for example a trans woman who is already married to another woman (while presenting as a man) is required to divorce and repartner in a civil partnership ceremony if they wish to stay together. If there were no longer a difference, this would not be necessary. I actually spoke on this topic at the 2010 LibDem conference; it would be really nice to feel that had even the tiniest influence on UK government policy.

  • Emily Sanford

    Why did you leave out Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Argentina and South Africa? Is there some criteria their marriage equality laws are not following?