So that’s why baseball is America’s favorite pastime

I know that right now, most sports fans are focused on the Super Bowl, which even I, with my stunningly limited lack of interest in sports, know is coming up this weekend. But I want to take a quick break from being torn about which of the two football teams playing this weekend has a worse record on sexual assault and talk about baseball for a moment.

Specifically, Hall of Famer Yankee Mickey Mantle. A few years after Mantle retired, it seems, he received a letter asking him to contribute to Yankee Stadium’s 50th anniversary celebrations. According to this letter posted at Letters of Note, the Yankees wanted Mantle to fill out a short survey about his “outstanding experience at Yankee Stadium.” So how did Mantle reply?

“I got a blow-job under the right-field bleachers by the Yankee bull-pen.”

Yankee Hall of Famer Mickey Mantle, everyone!

Then, the survey asks respondents to describe their outstanding experiences in as much detail as possible. And Mantle certainly obliges:

“It was about the third or fourth inning. I had a pulled groin and couldn’t fuck at the time. She was a very nice girl and asked me what to do with the cum after I came in her mouth. I said don’t ask me, I’m no cocksucker.”

Ah, the privilege enjoyed by male athletes. What a grand tradition.

You can see a copy of the original letter here.

Thanks to Billy for the tip!

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  • Zoe

    Ugh. Just…ugh.

  • Matthew T. Jameson

    Gross. I had the “this can’t be real” reaction, but, according to, it is:

  • nazza

    Mantle was a serious alcoholic well known for sharing extremely inappropriate anecdotes like this one.

    One of my teachers shared a story about how he encountered Mantle at a fancy restaurant in Birmingham. This must have been back in the late seventies. Mantle was asked what his crowning achievement had been. His response was “I f**ked Angie Dickinson”.

    Later, he was more contrite.

  • Matt

    In defense of the MLB and US pro sports, Mickey Mantle is an unusual example. I mean, he’s no Wilt Chamberlain, but he is way off the norm.

  • Steven Olson

    That letter by Mickey Mantle reminds me of an article I read a few months back

    He was definitely pretty bad!

  • Tyler Healey

    Mickey Mantle was the perfect storm of attraction for women. He was promoted to living-legend status by the human race AND he was handsome. That’s an irresistible combination.

    Magic Johnson slept with six women once. He was the greatest point guard to ever play basketball and had (has) a nice smile – also an irresistible combination.

  • andrea

    So wait — did this woman NEGOTIATE this prior to or during the blowjob — because I don’t think she could ask this question after he came…?

    Or is this just another “great story” from a dude that likes to brag ?