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This made my day.

Yeah, you read that right: Men’s Health magazine, full of “how
to have better sex” and “how to lose the belly fat!” advice for men, has a blog
for men about feminism. This unequivocally rocks for three reasons.

First, it’s a sign that the feminist blogosphere has moved into the
mainstream. When feminist verticals like Broadsheet and Double X are either
disappearing or folding back into their original publications, it’s a good
indicator for the future that a mainstream popular men’s magazine has taken up
the feminist cause.

Second, hopefully a blog like this can help de-stigmatize the label “feminist” for readers.

Finally, the blog could help bring men to the movement. For men, feminism and what it entails is rarely discussed outside of a historical context…

You can read the Men’s Health Feminist Blog here.

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  • Laura

    The types of comments left on that article page are just typical though. It appears that men automatically feel threatened when the word “feminist” appears. Ah, that’s the mistaken belief from ages back that evil men rule over women, some women who still believe this is the case are wrong and treat all men as evil as a result. EVEN if they’re just meant to have read an article to explain to them what feminism really means, and that many of their beliefs are actually myths.

    Ah well, you can hope.

  • nazza

    I don’t want to sound critical, but the way the articles are worded already makes me suspect. They’re not really advancing anything particularly progressive, rather they’re soft news headlines designed to be read in a fraction of a minute.

    Men’s Health readers are bound to be a hostile audience.