It Gets Better: Music video edition

Lyrics available here.

Rebecca Drysdale, a NYC-based queer comedian recently made this incredible It Gets Better music video. Criticisms of the project acknowledged, I do think there is some amazing activism and media coming out of the project.

Rebecca also makes a really important point at the end of the video–it’s not just queer kids that get bullied. Bullying is an epidemic problem across adolescence, with serious consequences.

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  • Sinclair Sexsmith

    I *love* this video! It is so catchy and gets stuck in my head, and the bridge near the end where she lists all the queers who are awesome and activisty and inspiring kind of reminds of Madonna’s Vogue. Which in turn reminds me of Jane Lynch’s version of Vogue for Glee, which reminds me of queer stuff, which becomes a circle. Love it!

    While it’s not as simple as just “wait it out kids, everything will be fine,” which some people have criticized the project as prosthelytizing, and while there are of course many complexities of interlocking oppressions for people of color and queers and and trans folks and working class folks—and so many other minority groups—I still love the scope of this It Gets Better project, and I think it’s been extremely impactful. I’m frequently moved by the comments on many of the It Gets Better videos, many of which are from queer teens revealing difficulties and saying that this particular video was inspiring, affective, helpful. Personally I love Buck Angel’s story, especially.

    Plus, Beck D is fucking hilarious. I hope you all go look up her L Word Serenade too.