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What We Missed

TweetMother Jones profiles the group behind the “justifiable homicide” bills that would legalize the murder of abortion providers (and potentially women). Blog for International Women’s Day 2011 is coming up. Looks like anti-choicers pulled a google bomb making “abortion” the number one result when you search for the word, “murder.” Thankfully, it’s been removed. Why [...]
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Pop star Brian McFadden pens new ode to date rape

TweetYou would think that a song called “Just the Way You Are” would be about loving and accepting a person with all their faults and foibles and so on and so forth. But it turns out that the full title of Irish pop singer Brian McFadden’s new song is “Just the Way You Are (Drunk [...]
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Quick Hit: The economics of “Ladies drink free”

TweetEver wondered why it is that some night clubs charge women less for entry than they charge men, or let them drink for free? Is it because these establishments are aware of the gender pay gap and are trying to exercise a little after-hours affirmative action? Is it because they are deeply invested in the [...]
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Feminist Coming Out Day

TweetDo you remember when you came out as a feminist? Do you remember the moment when you announced to the world, “Hey world, I believe that men and women should have the same rights and opportunities”? Were you perhaps, like my friend Greg, the only person who raised their hand when your US History teacher [...]
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In their words.

TweetTrigger warning The words from this video were taken directly from the legal complaint against the Pentagon over their failure to respond to the sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape that the 15 plantiffs (and so many more) experienced while in the military. As upsetting as it is, I thought it was really powerful and [...]
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